Watercolour Play

Watercolour Play

Watercolour is such an interesting medium to work with. Unexpected things are bound to happen, there’s always happy accidents and muddy mistakes - a bit like life really! 

If you’d like to stay and experiment with me, you might just discover a space to loosen up and trust the process of art making and creative time a little more.

Come and dive into some watery wishy washy goodness with me as I share with you some of the ways I like to work with my watercolours. 

WATERCOLOUR PLAY things to try:

  • Hold your brush at different places on the handle and see how it feels
  • Make strokes on the paper firmly and lightly and fast and slowly
  • Try dabbing, dotting, swiping, scrubbing and rolling your brush
  • Put on some music and paint to the rhythm that you hear
  • Use the tip and the side of the brush
  • Observe how different colours look next to each other, how they blend when they're wet and what it looks like when you allow them to dry and add more paint over the top
  • Always ask the question, 'What would happen if I...' and then try something new - consider yourself a creative colour explorer and see what you can discover about the water, the line and the colour