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I've discovered that art is an antenna for feeling, a receptacle for memory, a dandelion wish for the future, and paired with story, it's a way to explain and record what I see and feel.

A till-my-dying-day love of colour and preoccupation with our internal goings on have coupled to bring me to where I am today - a painter and maker of colourful, whimsical stories dug out of my imagination, observations and musings.

Love Colour

Try using an artwork's palette as a starting point create a cohesive and balanced space

The Approach

Breathe Colour

Take a moment to settle in and observe how the colours play and move on the canvas


Feel Colour

Enrich and invigorate your space with vibrant, energising hues

Lullaby Lilt

Live Colour

Let your mind wander and explore faces, abstract elements and tones


make some time to get messy

I've got a feeling that we're all made to create...

Come and play with me

Oh Jane, we simply love it! It is so beautiful, better than I could have imagined. You have captured our spirits without ever meeting us. Thank you for putting such thought into this. As you can imagine having our family depicted together is something we have thought about for a long time. You have a true gift, I feel like your art is equal measures of beauty, vulnerability, celebration and love.  This piece of Art will be loved forever.


Jane, Thank you so much for the magic painting. I love it so much - it’s even more beautiful in real life than I thought it would be ! You are an amazing artist and it makes me smile every time I see it.


Hello Jane,  I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that my beautiful painting has arrived. I absolutely love it and can’t believe that it is hanging in my home. I adore your gorgeous imaginings and the way you weave the story so beautifully through each piece.  Best wishes xxxx.


Hi Jane, We are so simply in love and really adore having such a spectacular piece of Australian art in our home here in Texas. Thank you for all you have done and captured for us and our family. You have truly given us a valuable piece to share. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mark and Sarah

Your gorgeous painting turned up and it is just amazing, I’m so incredibly happy with it! Thank you again, it would probably be my most prized material possession I have, the fact that you have captured our family so well is just amazing.


Oh Jane! The print is just stunning...even  better than I had anticipated.  It's currently being framed so I will post a photo once it's hung! I'm very excited. The colours are just beautiful and the texture of the paper is amazing. Love love love it! Thank you again xoxox


The print arrived today Jane, it's EXQUISITE, and the framer can have it ready by Friday so I'm thrilled. I'll send you a pic once it's hanging!! Thanks so much again.


Yes!!!! I got it yesterday. I absolutely love it. You are extremely talented. Now I have to decide on a frame. Aarrgghhh!! Thank you!!  Will definitely be keeping my eye on your work to see what else catches my eye.


Hi Jane - just to let you know your print arrived this morning and it is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! love love to the 'framers' now.......your work is truly exquisite and I look forward to having one of your Originals to call my own in the not too distant future. Many thanks - until next time Xxx


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