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I've discovered that art is an antenna for feeling, a receptacle for memory, a dandelion wish for the future, and paired with story, it's a way to explain and record what I see and feel.

A till-my-dying-day love of colour and preoccupation with our internal goings on have coupled to bring me to where I am today - a painter and maker of colourful, whimsical stories dug out of my imagination, observations and musings.

Love Colour

Try using an artwork's palette as a starting point create a cohesive and balanced space

Aubrey's Elixir

Breathe Colour

Take a moment to settle in and observe how the colours play and move on the canvas

A Mind Like Sky

Feel Colour

Enrich and invigorate your space with vibrant, energising hues


Live Colour

Let your mind wander and explore faces, abstract elements and tones