LISI Things to Try:

  • Paint or colour Lisi's face and hair
  • Make abstract patterns using colouring pencils, paint and crayons over the top of the floral sheet
  • Cut out and arrange the florals on Lisi's head to create a magnificent blossoming bouquet crown of blooms 

Here are some ideas to think about as you put her together:

 1. Think about what colour you’d like to be dominant and start there

2. Work from the hairline and tuck your pieces behind one another

3. Use your greenery to add highlights

4. Imagine you are arranging a posy of flowers, remember there are lots of ways it can look beautiful

5. Try moving pieces into different positions before glueing them down. See how it looks in one spot compared to another

6. Think about how it feels - does your composition feel balanced - do you feel settled when you look at it

Lisi Cut and Collage Printable by Jane Donaldson Art Gallery

Lisi Cut and Collage 2 by Jane Donaldson Art Gallery

Download LISI colouring and collage pages