GIVEN things to try:

  • Think about where the characters are - is it night time or early morning? Thinking about the time of day or location can help you with your colour choices
  • Try to imagine the character's personality - can you associate a colour with that personality?
  • Think again about personality - it might influence the type of brush strokes you use - are the characters gentle and flowy or dotty and fun? 
  • Try loading your brush up with lots of water and experiment with mixing colours on the paper - put one layer of paint down and while it is still wet add another colour on top
  • See what happens if you let your first layer of paint dry and then add another

GIVEN thinking and writing prompts: 

  • What have I learnt about how giving works
  • Do I notice that there are rules or expectations when I give or when I receive
  • How can I show my gratitude for what has been given to me
  • What kind of a giver would I like to be
  • What kind of receiver would I like to be
  • What is something that is special about me that I can give to someone else

Given Made to Create Jane Donaldson Art Gallery

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