You, Collector

You, Collector

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original acrylic, pencil and pastel on stretched canvas 

92 x 122 cm 

collector of contrasts
keeper of days
collator of heartstrings
life’s stowaway

make room for the shine
savour the light

caretake the inky
lay bare the night

the unused
the passed down
the unsharpened
well worn
the prelude
the what’s past
the still and the storm

hold place for the pink-peach
for the new, the just here

give time, stay for each end
nurse that which was dear

the wished and the wanted
the stilted and shunned
the filled and the scant
the aged and the young

harbour the tempest
find rhythm and rhyme

listen for static
search in-between lines 

the whole and the half
the finished
in process
the all
and the part

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