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Their Majesties Pluck and Hardihood

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acrylic on canvas
122 x 92 cm

The two are so different, so not like the other, but each has strength to offer and succor. He finds things down low, she reaches alpine; they move as a we, there’s no you and I. She sees what he can’t and she shifts with the wind, she’s built for the quake and she knows how to bend.   He’s not that high, but inside his hat, he keeps all his tools - ready now stat. He knows how to mend and to fix what is broke, he’s wise and he’s funny, all full of hope. His feathers for tickling lighten the mood; her arms longer than his, for they hold gratitude. She forecasts the weather and shelters the storms; he’s strong and he carries her over the thorns. Their shoulders are broader and firmer and stable - for together, united, they temper, enable.

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