The Lookout
The Lookout
The Lookout
The Lookout

The Lookout

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original acrylic, pencil and pastel on stretched canvas 

92 x 122 cm 

if I were a lookout
if you wanted a second
I'd stand sentry at post
I would halt I would beckon

if I were an acrobat
if you trusted me so
I would shoulder your rise
stay steady below

if I were a featherbed
if you feared soon to fall
I would soften the jar jolt
and shock of it all

if I were a buoy
if you needed to float
I would be the safe mooring
till appeared the rowboat

if I were a seamstress
if you asked me dear friend
I would piece two to one
stitch sew us extend

if I were a house
if you felt your heart home
I would mark as sold
close the gate dig the soil
plant the patch 
light the hearth
call it ours

no more to roam

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