See Remember

$1,400.00 AUD

acrylic on canvas
102 x 76 cm

Remember you gave me your spark to hold.  Said you then, cup it close to shelter night’s cold. Said you then - tight near to your skin, right there next to your heart - clutch it nigh, let it glow, warm more your part.  

Remember I gave you my colours to keep.  Said I then, stitch them onto your chest, feel them beat. Said I then, when mist fills your view, look ‘neath your shirt - see my rainbow glow soft, let it divert your mind from the wet and the damp and the cold, let it sink in your bones, wash over your soul.  

Remember the seeds that we planted as one, what we’ve sown, what since grew, what we have done. Said we then, let us breathe on them soft, watch them bud and then bloom.  Said we then, tend them dear, light their way, sing duet our tune - grow them up, watch them blossom and see effloresce, sit in their shade and feel full, refresh.   

See now your spark, my rainbow, our seed - then and now true and sure - both together heart heed. 


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