Reminding Me of Before

$1,100.00 AUD

acrylic on canvas
91 x 61 cm


Show me your ear, let me cup like a shell, let it whisper the secrets that you hold so well.  Lift up your hat, find the memory you keep; stored away, archived safe sealed, keyed and locked deep.  Open shutter your eye, sight the play walled within, let it flick, see it flicker move motion begin.  Unfurl your fingers, stretch forth your reach, quicken skin with your touch, retrace time, amend breach.  Dance the delights that your toes held preserved, call them forth from the past, let trip tap like the first.  Sing me heretofore tunes, remind me of then, open your inside, come, remember me in.


Reminding me of before was auctioned to raise funds for the Wagga Women's Health Centre which provides support for women, particularly those who experience Domestic Violence. 

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