$2,100.00 AUD

acrylic on canvas
92 x 122 cm


Fallen to us to seed and to grow; given to we two to hold and to home. 

Our bitty come tiny come bigger come flown; be sage, be sound, be the best you have known.

Our minikin, silky, part of the zoo; be bigger, be braver, be yours, be you.

Our tumble, our shiny - spark, light up the air; be beacon, be signal, guide, tender, repair. 

Our joker, our thiever of every sogged day; be sun on the shadow and shoo grey away. 

Our look at me trouper, our stunter, bon mot; be gardener of tales and tell those forgot.

Our held hand, our shadow and stay lay ‘while child; be the keeper and guard of tender time isle. 

We builders and holders of the littlest parts; we be yours, you be ours, our wee ones, dear hearts.


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