Milly Maker

$550.00 AUD

framed watercolour and ink collage on paper
29 x 20 cm 


Everyone knew what Milly could do – she created beauty out of paper and glue, she brought forth brilliance with needle and thread, she stitched and labored all day and in bed.  Through the night she planned and in the light she made, she was renowned the land over for the treasures she gave.  When Milly discovered she’d bear a babe she planned and listed just how she’d behave – what manners she’d have, how she’d be groomed, certain her masterpiece would confirm, would prove that there was no maker that’d ever compare with her insight, her brilliance, her craft and her care.  But Milly the maker as deft as she was had much to discover, had more to uncover.  She learnt over time that a child is not made, that plans go awry and intentions will fade.  This child wasn’t something to be wrought or be fashioned and as small as she looked, she thought, she examined.  She had guts and a spark that none could smother - indeed, she was as much of a maker as was her mother – so they two bent and they tried, they cajoled and caressed till each by the other uncovered their best. 


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