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original acrylic, pencil and pastel on stretched canvas 
76 x 102 cm 

she carries it with her
the light from inside
it leaks out her fingers
it dazzles the sky

she keeps it within her
the steps to beneath
the cellar for storing
all things worth the keep

she grows it atop her
a trust in the more
a wanting to find
heart home for her core

she wraps it around her
that balm made to heal
that soothe which will forge
both a soft and a steel

she feels it beat in her
a grateful for time
a thankful for life
a will toward climb

she sows it in each day
a place to make new
a longing to nurture
those seeds real and true

she finds it aloft her
a shine and a bright
the way to move forward
an eye in the night

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