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original acrylic, pencil and pastel on stretched canvas 

92 x 122 cm 

swept off the ground
gusted by winds
from heights she sees more
sees her place mid the swings
of life and time and bidden and not
of telling and making and tending her lot

bowed in the blue
tutored by cloud
with loft she feels more
feels her part in the crowd
to shadow and shade and shelter and storm
to sieve and to still to shape and to form

laid between green
neath the indigo sweep
by rest she knows more
knows what’s hers to keep
and to own and to carry and shoulder and save
and shake off and release let be give away

breathed by a bud burst
veiled among leaves
wisdom won she is more
is when she perceives
the freedom from certain and tight held and sure
the freedom to soften hold loosely it all


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