For the One
For the One
For the One
For the One

For the One

Regular price $1,900.00 AUD

acrylic on canvas
102 x102 cm


For not many would I travel so far and so fast
But for you, dear heart I set off and cast
My eyes to the skyline, my mind to the shore
Where I see you, held tight, waiting for more.
I’ll peg rockets to rudder and gust wind in my sails
Tether dolphins and mermaids to the bow lest strength fails.
Cut holes in the hull and use my own feet
Pounding over the sand and the coral and reef
Enlist pirates and navies and the waves of the sea
To move now post haste and restore unto thee.


* This artwork is available for sale from May 20 as part of my solo exhibition at Brisbane Modern Art Gallery.  Please EMAIL for enquiries and availability.



**To comment about this painting or to commission something similar, please send us a message. 


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