Best Beloved

$1,400.00 AUD

acrylic on canvas
102 x 76 cm


We two now three then more, now all. Drawn here, full hearts within, withal.  Together called as one in name.  Together lived and loved the same.  Each hand held dear, each cradle rocked, each heart believed, each brow soothed soft.  For one is given sunshine’s hold, diffuse the dark and oust the cold.  For one is gifted tender be, sweet gentle words and sympathy. For one is of mind to guffaw and clown, to roar and hurrah the monsters down.  En masse, together made of our best, beloved, held dear, our hope expressed.


This painting was a birthday surprise commission.  I loved what the birthday girl had to say,  "Hi Jane, a huge thank you for the most beautiful, divine present I have ever received. It couldn't be more perfect. Thank you, what a wonderful surprise to come home to. This won't be my last Jane Donaldson!!!" - O.H.


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