Beckon Become
Beckon Become
Beckon Become
Beckon Become

Beckon Become

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original acrylic, pencil and pastel on stretched canvas 
76 x 102 cm   

there’s a space in the sky that’s marked just for you
a segment of yonder painted in blue
it calls you to heights, to up and out there
it sings to come home, to above, to the air 

there’s a place in your heart that beats what to do
a portion of rhythm that tells what is true
where to go, what comes next, which corner we’ll take
that we’re safe, that it’s right, that bending won’t break

there’s a mark up ahead that signals all done
it shimmers and sheens and beckons us come
swirl and then swell with the dance they exhale
saying, here now, you’ve become, it’s time to unveil

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