Aplenty By Night

$550.00 AUD

framed watercolour and ink collage on paper
29 x 20 cm 


In the night, in her bed when the darkness draws down, the kaleidoscope dances around and around.  Tumbling and jumbling the stories they draw, they impress on her lids, on the roof, on the floor. They ink on her insides, they etch in her heart, they whisper and holler, they tease and they laugh.  What she said and not said, what she did and wished done, what is stored in the back of her thought let it come. A robber, a foundling, a saviour, a lost, a part of the many and alone at the post. They leak out her eye and dampen her pillow, they bubble and prod and whisper and billow. They race fast her heart, they becalm her soul, they furrow her brow and they crinkle her crow.  Soon as they’re told, they’re ghosted and gone, leaving only their imprint, their shadow and song. 



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