And Here We Are

And Here We Are

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original acrylic, pencil and pastel on stretched canvas 
122 x 92 cm

She has heard hope
Fished it straight from the sky
Stitched it onto her ears
Now it hugs every sigh

She has laid down
Boated her chest
Wrapped round the other
Offering rest

She has been there
Held the blue in the night
Carried and steadied
Gentle moonlight

She has caught songs
Snippets sent on the breeze
Whispered them forward
Telling all she foresees

She has kept home
How they knew, why they came
What’s to come round the bend
Urging on still the same

She has collected
Precious petals that grew
Woven crowns to adorn
The becoming of you

She has always held true
You were worth every part
Every way and each wander
Forms firm her heart.

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