All About Everything (almost)


Hi!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Here's where I get to share a bit about who I am, how we operate and why we came to be doing what we're doing.  If you're curious, read on!

Jane Donaldson Art Gallery is a co-venture with myself (Jane) and my husband (Ben). Quite a few years ago now we planted ourselves in a less-loved old cottage on a little hobby farm that you'll find nestled in hills and surrounded by bush near Warwick in Queensland, Australia.  

We're renovating, gardening, 'if I can see it, I'll have a go at making it', tend it and it'll grow kind of people.  We love ferreting around our veggie patch, messing up the kitchen and huddling around the backyard bonfire and we keep house with our three kiddies Will, Abigail and Annabel as well as all our incumbent hobby farm animals. 

I started delving into painting when Belle, our youngest, headed off to school in 2008 and I haven't looked back. Beginning as a hobby artist, I learnt and developed my style without formal qualifications or study - just a determination to paint and write and a belief that bravery, mistakes and introspection lay fertile ground for unexpected and wonderful opportunities

With that in mind, I've spent the past years experimenting and practising my painting and observing and refining my thinking... There's a few basic premises at the heart of every painting - imagination is a playground that swells when you explore it, colour is an ally and stories - jotted down and painted - help make sense of the world. I've discovered that art is an antenna for feeling, it's a receptacle for memory and it's a dandelion wish for the future, and for me it's a way to explain and record what I see and feel. My till-my-dying-day love of colour and preoccupation with our internal goings on have coupled to bring me to where I am today - a painter and maker of colourful, whimsical stories dug out of my imagination, observations and musings.

Themes of love, attachment and relationships with those that are closest dominate my work, and images of tangled hearts, outstretched hands and homes to house my characters and their companions cover the canvases.  Because I do quite a bit of my thinking in pictures, much of my work is symbolic - it's full of analogy and hidden meaning and so I'll often pen stories and poetry to accompany the paintings in an effort to round out and cement my thoughts.  The bounce and rhythm of language in my mind and the shape of words on my tongue have now become as much a part of the creative process as the painting itself; and writing has come to be an additional way to communicate my understanding of our internal processes - the thinking that comes before the doing, the feeling that happens in expectation of the action and the why, how, who and what we bind ourselves to.

I have been represented by commercial galleries in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Nowadays, I'm happily self represented and you can purchase work directly from me in my shop.  Follow along with the creative process via facebook and instagram and receive updates on available work via my newsletter (just scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up). 

Knowing that original artwork is pretty pricey, in 2013 we  started producing prints of some of my paintings.  All prints are made using archival inks and beautifully textured paper and are printed to order.  

Once again, thanks for visiting, have a look around and if you've any questions or comments please send us a message, we'd love to hear from you.


j&b x