Whisper and Wake

Whisper and Wake

Sometimes finding a way forward is hard.

Even with the sense that there are things to come, ideas yet to be understood or places to go and a person to grow into, the path may be one that needs to be felt rather than seen.

My painting Whisper and Wake explores how ways are made and trails are forged and the capacity we have to mark and light another’s road.

In the wake, reminders remain
Whispers of what's been and what might come for those who follow
They hang in the air
Waiting and ready for those who would look

When I went
When I went there, I didn't know the way
I knew that there was a way
That it was open to the sky and higher than where I was now

Sometimes in dreams
I try to fly in that sky
I know that I can 
And yet
There is a weight inside of me 
That pulls me to the earth again

When I passed through here, I learnt that there is always a way
I learnt that for sure
That if I faced forward and felt with my hands
Eyes closed
That I would catch hold of whispers and hints and echos
Clues for footholds
And pointers to paths

Sometimes when I look back
I can see the pieces
Hear whispers and truths
Scattered and left
In the wake
In the misty
In the half-light
Left to mark the way for those who might follow

Sometimes when I look beyond
Through and out and up
I see the future
And I know that it will always be fogged by uncertainty and newness
And yet
And still
There are whispers and reminders that remain.

Whisper and Wake Original Painting by Jane Donaldson

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