Weather Makers

Weather Makers

Weather Makers allowed me space to think about our own internal weather systems and the growth and expansion they can bring.

If you'd like to explore the ins and outs of their colours and story, visit with me and get to know these two a little better - learn about how sunshine, rain and fertile ground will always yield something special.

Open your heart
Leak out the light
Let it shine round about
Let it filter your night

Bend back your neck
See clear the sky
Let in the vast
Let it fill up your eye

Catch, hold in your hand
Feel the clean and the wet
Let it moisten within
Let it seed, sprout then set

Breathe, steady your core
Know the truth in the storm
Let it thunder and beat
Let it wash clean till morn

Dance with your all
Be the bow in their view
Let its colours seep in 
Let it make you anew.

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