The Given Series

The Given Series

The first Given painting sparked a series for four pieces, each exploring a different way of giving; each premised by the idea that with giving comes inherent receiving.

Given, Hold Be Held, Lead Be Led and Find Be Found touch on ideas of giving of the self as we stand with, walk with and see another. To know and be known, to guide and to follow and to carry and be in turn shored up are ideas that I turned over as I painted. In the giving we are ourselves gifted - what a marvellous thing that is.


Meet me here where I am
in the blush of the dawn
the beginning of us
our dewy, our morn

hug tight to me now
we’ll press our way deep
can you see past the dense
then follow my beat

rest here awhile
let the ink filter down
feel me snug close and fast
while dreams circle round

stand in your sunshine
your own precious and rare
sweep through the heavens
wing to the air

now eye equals eye
raised each by the other
two budded then full-fledged
a daughter
a mother




Find Be Found


Hold Be Held


Lead Be Led