Small Seed

Small Seed

Exploring ideas of unity, patience, goodwill and growth; these two seed ideas, plan, scaffold and build a life together.

Small Seed was made with an eye on the idea that a cooperative mind can overcome a competitive one and that ultimately, individually and together, each part can flourish - one alongside the other.

If you’d like to hear their story, stick around. I’ll share it with you. jx

there’s a small seed
a nugget
a whisper a breath
a barely-there
half seen
a breeze on my neck

there’s a darkness
an unknown
a feel your way through
a hold my hand
stand with me
an I’m next to you

there’s a single beat
one heart
a wish echoed back
a sightline
keep time now
a move down the track

there’s a sprouting
a green stem
a clue what’s to come
a growing
hold tight here
a see what we’ve done

there’s a flourish
a scaffold
a make more than now
a build-up
and step back
our what why and how

there’s an us two
a bounty
a greater than one
a becoming
a life long song sung

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