Maybe Perhaps

Maybe Perhaps
Along with the most divine pastel hues, my newest painting, Maybe Perhaps and its story invite us to be still and consider just for a moment...
That maybe, perhaps, the way forward is right, in this very breath, under our noses. That maybe, perhaps, a longed-for place might have always been ours to claim. And that maybe, perhaps the heart that trembles with trepidation holds within it a beat that the world needs to hear.

Would you like to learn more about the process? Put your feet up for a few minutes and watch as I chat about the ins and outs of Maybe Perhaps. 
have you ever thought
that maybe
there is room for you

amid all else that blooms
that perhaps
there is a portion of ground
just for you

have you ever considered
that it might be
there inside you

uncurl your hand
that then
in the falling
in the seeding
in the tending
in the growing
there can be more
more in you

more of you
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