The power to choose is an idea that I keep coming back to and in my painting Jelly, I've spent time thinking about choosing happiness.

Jelly holds memories of happiness in times past as well as a wish and a want for a way of thinking and being that will draw contentment and joy down in days to come.

Most importantly though, Jelly is a chance to think about deliberately focusing on and choosing to notice the delights that are right in front of us - moments of happiness that are willing us to see and enjoy them here and today.

What if we spun
Like care had no hold
Swallowing sunbeams
Hugging the cold

What if we laughed
Like upside-down might
Calling the carnival
Twinkling the light

What if we reached
Like jelly toward sky
Wobbly and see-through
Willing more high

What if we held
Like feathers mid-flight
Lightly and loosely
Nothing could bite

What if we dressed
Like truth were our clothes
Where heart songs stitch real words
Onto our bones

What if we knew
Today holds each all
The spinning, the stitching, the twinkling, the finding
Would we
Will we
Answer her call