Into the Wide

Into the Wide

Into the wide looks at some ways to move through a life. With a strong heart, a sure aim, a place of refuge and a light to see by these four characters travel their way along and through.

Into the Wide Original Painting by Jane Donaldson

Each cultivates a listening ear, attuned to the internal voice - the one that speaks ever so softly - urging go, wait a while, rest for now, be strong and have patience.

said the one
leaning into out there
who wanted to leap
what willed that the air
might carry and vault
and rise past the now
which beat at the core
and pressed through the how

said the other
eyeing the mark
who sighted the line
and stepped on the path
what walked with a gait
steady and sure
which trusted each footfall
and weathered it all

said the third
willing refresh
who treasured the inside
that place set for rest
which sought out a haven
a shelter and shoal
what ushered them in
and tended the soul

said the last
catching the view
who stepped toward the candle
which shone past and through
a clue left for showing
the way where to go
which glimmering truth
would one day they know

said they all
leaning to song
stringing the whisper
sieving the long
a part and a portion
a play and a side
which wills at the heart
and calls
come into the wide

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