Dim Eye Dusty

Dim Eye Dusty

 I've found that there are always things in the mind waiting to be discovered and my Dim Eye Dusty takes a look at what happens when old thoughts meet new ones.

Sometimes I imagine the mind as a room - a space in which there are well-lit areas, shadowy nooks and dusty corners - parts that are known and unknown.

Dim Eye Dusty picks and puzzles at how a mind might introduce and bring together the familiar with the untested thought; dancing and deliberating and assimilating - merging to become a broader, deeper consciousness, a more whole self.

in our night light
our moonlight
in our dim eye dusty

in our tiptoe
our first dance
on our waiting trusting

in our sense of
our shadow
in our reaching explore

in our sightline
our knowing
dare our touching the more

into our margin
our verge
saluting our new

broader our keep
our marked map
unfolding our view

Dim Eye Dusty original painting by Jane Donaldson

Dim Eye Dusty is now available in print