Come a Little Closer...

Hi!  Welcome to my new website.  It's been a bit of a labour of love and I'm so excited to finally share it with you. I do hope you stay awhile and have a poke around.

If you haven't been over to the gallery yet and you've got a minute, scoot on down and mouse over the images.  I've added a super zoom so you can see more - a lot more!  Depending on what you favour, you can visit the figurative, abstract or ink and watercolour collage galleries. 

One thing I love about seeing art in the flesh is that you can get close.  I've heard it said that every painter has a 'fingerprint' - characteristics such as style, colour palette and combination and brushstrokes that are particular to each artist.  I always like to get close enough to see that fingerprint.  

On more occasions than I care to admit I've heard, "Miss, would you mind stepping away from the artwork..." and once or twice an alarm has gone off - not the kind of alarm that screams 'she's stealing the painting', just the 'beeeep' that says 'your breath is causing condensation on the artwork'.  I know the artworks are precious (and sometimes priceless) but they pull me in.  I'm always looking to see how the artist did what they did, what makes their technique theirs and why it looks so good! 

In this gallery, there's no alarms and no one to tell you to step back - so get in close, have a look-see and cause some condensation!  If you'd like to know more about my process, the techniques and materials I use then please ask, I'm more than happy to share.


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  • Lesley

    Hi Jane,

    Your work is sooo beautiful I hope your exhibition in Brisbane was a success!
    As a beginning artist, I was wondering if it is at all viable to go down the gallery route or develop a great online presence?

    Also, I was wondering if you stretch your own unprimed canvas?

    Hope you have time to reply, thank you

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